211 Portage

211 Portage is a free community service you can use to get information about social, health, and government resources 24 hours a day, every day.  Simply dial 211 to locate the resources you need.  New this year is our online directory found at http://www.211portage.org .  Once you have accessed the directory you simply enter your zip code and the type of information you need and you will get a list of possible resources.

211 Portage & Senior Service Directory

Copies of our Senior Services Directory are still available.  Copies of this large-print directory may be obtained by contacting Maureen at the United Way office.

211 Portage continues to connect people with opportunities to serve and build community.  It assists non-profit organizations by channeling both volunteers and donations.

To list a nonprofit or charity organization in the 211 Portage database or pick up a Senior Service Directory, please contact the United Way of Portage County at 218 W. Main St. Ravenna, Ohio 44266. Phone: 330.297.1424

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